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Fried Chicken and Cheese Tea in Chinatown

bbq chicken in Chinatown

bb-q chicken opened last winter in Chinatown on Race Street on top of "Sally Skincare Center." Up those stairs is a takeout spot with some seating to enjoy a menu of wings, drumsticks, and boneless bites complemented by a long selection of funky teas from Tsaocaa.

We tried the Golden Olive Oil original drumstick and the Honey Garlic wings, with a side of fries and daikon and a matcha cheese tea.

About that tea- the "cheese" tea you may have heard about is really just a cream cheese like foam to top your tea. Tsaocaa 's cream cheese is intense, it was a lot of richness to handle, especially alongside fried chicken.

Checking out the sides, the fries were pretty McDonald like, that could be either a good thing or a bad thing for you. The pickled daikon is always a welcomed accompaniment to fried chicken and is common at Korean Fried Chicken spots.

On to the chicken- the olive oil drumstick were fried well, but they were a little heavy. And they just can't compare to the flavor, crispiness, and compact size of the wings. The honey garlic glaze is addicting. I more often have seen soy garlic as a flavor, and liked this sweet and sour option. Even cold the next day- delicious. These are what I will be coming back for.

bb-q, 938 Race St, Philadelphia, 267 519-8303

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