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"Jamie is an dynamic and outstanding tour guide! Her enthusiasm is boundless and she has a deeply intimate knowledge of Chinatown and its food. I really enjoyed the opportunity and certainly ate at places I never would have known about or tried! An absolutely wonderful way to spend some time learning about the variety of Chinese cuisines."


Barbara Blonsky


"We went on Jamie's tour on Sunday morning and had an absolutely fantastic time. The places we ate, both inside and standing out in the middle of the sidewalk were a diverse selection of places that I most likely would not have ventured into. Jamie's love and knowledge of food and Chinatown in general made for a wonderful experience."


David F.


"We recently did a tour with Jamie in Chinatown. We go to Chinatown fairly often but had never tried the restaurants that we tried that day. It was a fun, tasty experience and Jamie's love of food shines through. She has obviously tried many of the restaurants in Chinatown and is familiar with a wide variety of dishes. I would definitely recommend her."


Polly W.





Jamie Shanker Chinatown food tours philadelphia

"I had such a great experience tasting & discovering new restaurants, Jamie has a gr8 knack for good food"


Armetta Scott



"My wife and I both enjoyed your tour - your enthusiasm, knowledge and humor were a treat, not to mention the food!"


Richard P.



"The experience was a lot of fun. I got to meet couple other foodies and had a great time talking about food, flavors, spices and people while walking around munching on noms."


Sristi Roy 

"My brother and I were scoping out interesting things to do in Philly for an upcoming bachelor party for a family friend and, since we're not from the city, decided to do a food tour so we could plan our weekend lunch outings. Philly Food Adventures did not disappoint! Jamie's expert-level knowledge of the Philadelphia Chinatown food scene, the actual cuisine, and the cultural context of the foods we were eating were beyond impressive, as was her uncanny ability to suggest unique dishes for everyone in the group to try based on their dietary restrictions and preferences. Jamie seemed to be on a first-name basis with many of the chefs and restaurant owners we visited and really made the whole “adventure” a lot more fun than I could have anticipated. 
Pro tip: Not only is this tour good for groups, but many of the stops along the way are BYOB-friendly. In fact, if you let Jamie know in advance that’s what you’re looking for, she can tailor the tour to that intent. I definitely plan on doing so, and next time I’ll be rolling deep. Highly recommended!" 

-Rick P. 


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