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Come for the Pupusas, Skip the Pambazo, Stay for the Tlacoyo Al Pastor at El Sabor Catracho

chorizo pambazo

That title is a mouthful, right? I'll break it all down. We came to El Sabor Catracho, after a full meal, wanting only to get pupusas to go. They do travel well. While waiting for the pupusas, there were just too many other interesting things and so we ended up having a second meal.

"Catrachos" are native Honduran, and this restaurant serves Mexican and Honduran food. I believe this is the only place in the city with Honduran food.

The first thing we ordered was a chorizo and potato pambazo, pambazos are Mexican sandwiches where the bread is soaked in a red sauce. I had an awesome one at American Sardine Bar ages ago. While I liked the sandwich, especially the spicy meat and potato filling, but I think the bread soaking is a tricky art form and I wasn't completely sold.

tlacoyo al pastor

We were, however, totally blown away by the al pastor tlayoco. Tlacoyos are a street food I remembered from Mexico, they are masa patties that in addition to serving as vessels for proteins, are also stuffed with things like beans. We got them topped with al pastor ($7). Besides enjoying the tlacoyos themselves, we have to talk about the pork. This may be some of the best al pastor style pork in the city! So crispy, so much flavor.

Oh, and the pupusas we took home were pretty good too.

AND they deliver.

El Sabor Catracho, 2201 S 7th St, (215) 755-1685​


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