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No New Friends? Don't Forget About Wa Gi Wah Fried Chicken and Philadelphia Chutney Co Dosas

We have so many new hot restaurants popping up in Philly, its almost not even exciting anymore. Almost. I do love trying new places, but we gotta make new friend while keeping the old as they say. Speaking of friends, today's post is a refresher on two Philly standbys that have both been around since 2010 and that serve food from countries who don't really get along...

Wa-Gi- Wah in West Philly serves Pakistani food . It isn't the most welcoming restaurant. They don't even allow any alcohol in! Which is a shame because their best dish, lahori charga, is just begging for a beer pairing. This is the main item worth ordering here- deep fried whole chicken marinated in yogurt and a ton of spices. It's also skinless, but you don't miss the skin since the chicken meat gets super crispy.

Wa-Gi-Wah, 4447 Chestnut St, 215 921-5597

Over in Center City, Philadelphia Chutney Company has a more lenient BYO policy, and Corner Foodery is only a block away. Chutney Co serves Southern Indian food, and though you will find your typical curries, the most exciting items are the South Indian specialties: chaat, kathi rolls, and dosas. Definitely order the pani puri. This is one type of chaat (crunch snack); in this case, crispy, hollowed balls filled with a tangy liquid and potatoes that you'll want to pop in your mouth one by one. Similarly fun to eat are the dosas, you can even create your own; I did a potato- paneer- spinach combo.

While Pakistan and India probably won't be friends any time soon, I will peacefully remind myself I can enjoy the food from both countries here in Philly.

Philadelphia Chutney Company, 1628 Sansom St., 215-564-6446

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