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Philadelphia Chinatown Food Tours

let me help you get to know the very best of Philly's food secrets

Private Chinatown



Special Occasions, Staff Retreats, Family Outings, Bachelor Parties, Night out with Friends 

As a long-time consumer and curator of Chinese food, Jamie's passion has led her to explore the Chinese cuisine in Philadelphia, New York, and even China. 


Within a three-block radius of Philadelphia's Chinatown, you can find an array of foods that originated in various far-flung regions of China. Follow Jamie around the neighborhood as we savor the flavors of Philadelphia's Chinatown, snacking on things like garlic wontons, chopped-to-order roast duck, and green tea bubble waffles.


Tours last approximately 2 to 2 1/2  hours and we will make about 5 different stops, exploring different styles of eating venues. All food is included in the price of tour. Even monster appetites won't leave hungry. A Chinese market tour is optional at the end of our trip. As we go, we will also discuss a bit of history, development, and architectural points of interest.


6 person minimum, BYOB possible  


philadelphia chinatown food tour hand pulled noodles

Other Private Tours


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BYOB possible
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