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Cambodian Soup at Heng Seng

So many of my favorite places in Philly I found by walking by them and sensing something good was inside. Heng Seng is not one of those places; it looks like an abandoned generic Chinese restaurant. Luckily, a Cambodian restaurant owner had told me about this place so I walked up to the door even though it didn't really look open. Heng Seng is a small Cambodian restaurant in the heart of Philadelphia's "Little Cambodia."

Special pan fried needle noodles come with beef, seafood, and a fried egg on top of the slippery, short noodles that come to a point at the end, hence the name. The lightly salty, lightly greasiness was reminiscent of a good chow fun. It wasn't the hugest portion for $9.25, but I really liked this plate.

The dish I had been instructed to try was the Phnom Pehn Style Egg noodle. A large bowl was $9. The broth was fairly mild but comforting and there are seasonings and lime to spice it up. I was confused by the lettuce plopped in there and didn't care for the floating bits of tendon , but I really enjoyed the springy egg noodles.

If I were back in this area for Cambodian food. I might pick "I Heart Cambodia" for the wider variety, but Heng Seng has the divey, homey vibe going for it.

Heng Seng, 2217 S 7th St, 215 755-5390

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