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Chinatown Ice Cream Trends: Nitrogen Covered, Rolled, and Activated

You don't have to go farther than Philadelphia's Chinatown to catch many of the Instagram worthy ice cream trends you might be seeing.

First up, black ice cream. Kuriimii sells that activated charcoal vanilla soft serve that is more about the look than anything else. It just tasted like vanilla. For taste, you can pick from some very fun toppings like different cereals, condensed milk, and Pocky. The pineapple or matcha soft serve flavors are much more intense.

Kuriimii, 1023 Cherry St

While the lines at Sweet Charlies might be at the door, "Frozen Rolled Ice Cream" on 10th and Arch probably doesn't. Fresh strawberries are a great mix in.

Frozen Rolled Ice Cream, 938 Arch St

Over at N2 Sweet Cafe, you can order the Eskimo Kisses which are liquid nitrogen frozen pieces of cereal-like bites. Have the camera set to video mode to capture the smoke coming out of your mouth as you carefully eat these.

N2 Sweet Cafe, 125 N 11th St

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