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Spend preHalloween Dining with Local Chefs and Supporting At Risk Teens- C-CAP Ignite

What: Cool food event alert- Culinary Arts Program’s (C-CAP) annual Philadelphia benefit is on Monday, October 30 at the Cira Centre.

Why It's cool: While a lot of cheffy fundraisers don't have anything to do with the food world, this one certainly does. The program has been in Philly for 25 years and helps risk high school students with scholarships in the culinary arts. Last year they raised over $470,000 in culinary school scholarships, which allowed increases to job training, internships and career services, and expansion of the college advising program to at-risk teenagers across the region. The group is noticing a real rise in demand for these services.

Who will be there: A crew of top local chefs will be cooking that evening, be pumped to try food from Walnut St Cafe, Osteria, and JG Domestic all in the the same night. Chefs and students will be present to chat with you about their craft.

Details: Tickets for teachers and folks under 35 are only $50!

more details and tickets here:

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