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Bourbon Milkshakes & Leek Rings: Morgan's Pier 2017

Morgan's Pier reopened for the season in April with the chef's from Helm in charge of this year's menu. The fact that the menu is different every year is one big draw to keep coming back. That, and eating and drinking on the waterfront never stops being awesome.

Morgan's Pier always has a decent beer and drink list to choose from. The salted caramel Bulleit milkshake was completely delicious ($10).

The Chef's Menu features 6 fancy veggie small plates, you can try them all for $36. We only tried the

Tempura Fried Leeks which comes over a hidden pool of Citrus Yogurt. This crispy and tangy, essentially fancy onion rings were my favorite of the meal. The Chef's Menu is going to be a good place to order from.

Crab Dip with the humble Ritz crackers was fine to munch on and not fishy, but not mind blowing and a bit overseasoned.

The shrimp roll in a red pepper aioli was tasty though the $14 price tag is steep. The bread was a little cumbersome for the shrimp, it was better to separate and make two open faced sammiches.

From where I live, Morgan's Pier is the perfect bike ride. And a bourbon milkshake with some fancy veggies on the water is a perfect summer time dessert worth pedaling for.

Morgan's Pier, 221 N. Columbus Blvd, 215-279-7134

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