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Love & Honey Fried Chicken,  #PBW2017 snack break

Last night was Opening Tap for Philly Beer Week. The Fillmore was packed with beers to try, from quads to IPAs to ciders, there was no good way to keep track. My favorite of the night was local, the Raisin Cane by Wissahickon Brewery.

There are so many amazing events going on for #pbr2017. Check out Billy Penn and Food Sweat and Beers for helpful lists to narrow it down, like the all male hula contest at Tiki this Sunday.

Though the pierogies in the VIP section were nice, about an hour in to the event, I knew I needed something more to go along with the fermented liquid in my stomach. Luckily, right by the Fillmore is Love & Honey fried chicken. I had been following their launch progress on Instagram and had wanted desperately to check them out since they opened this little NoLibs spot a few weeks ago.

We ordered the 6 piece combo with cornbread for $18.50 along with a side of shells and cheese.

This ended up being a LOT of chicken. The pieces themselves were huge, the size of my whole face. While I liked the crunchy, thick exterior I wish it stuck better to the chicken and that the chicken meat had a little more flavor- either sweetness or spice would have helped. The cornbread was good but not as moist as I like and the shells weren't a standout either. Perhaps the flavor kinks will be worked out as the restaurant matures.

Love & Honey Fried Chicken, 1100 N. Front St, 215 789 7878

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