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Uyghur Lamb Platters in New World Mall Food Court

Been spending a lot of time in NY with the family. And that means, lots of great eating. We hadn't had a family outing in Flushing in ages. It was long overdue.

Flushing's New World Mall's food court is a dizzying array of cuisines from all parts of Asia. A recent addition to this mix is Erqal. Located in the one of the corners of the food court, we were attracted to this stand serving Uyghur food. Uyghurs are a Turkish ethnic group that now live primarily in China or Uzbekistan. The current menu is small- lamb, kebabs, and hand churned ice cream that we got a free sample of. We could not resit the lamb meal, beautifully served on a wooden platter with a spicy cucumber tomato salad, white sauce, and savory pilaf flecked with pomegranate seeds. It isn't a huge portion of lamb, but it is well prepared and very worth trying at $10 for the whole platter.

Erqal, New World Mall Food Court, Stall 5, 136-20 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, Queens

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