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Dim Sum and Giant Soup Dumplings at Shanghai You Garden in Flushing

Shanghai You had been on my list for a while because I wanted to try the giant xiao long bao- the soup dumplings you slurp with a straw. I haven't had these since visiting Shanghai with my family a few years back, they really didn't exist in the states until about a year ago. So we did a family reunion tour to Shanghai via Flushing. There was a bit of a wait, which is understandable on Mother's Day Sunday.

Unfortunately, the giant xiao long bao were way too crabby/fish for me. Our only other complaint was that the turnip puffs were cold in the middle but they gave us a fresh order after we let them know.

Everything else we ordered we loved, including the saucy, kung pao eel which I had never seen on a menu before. A a pleasant surprise, we got two free orders of regular xiao long bao, I think because of the wait- though there is a free Yelp check in offer. Would also highly recommend the snow pea leaves and the Chinese vegetables with beancurd to fulfill your food pyramid vegetable requirements, and watercress dumplings which were bursting with shrimp. This place has a huge menu and I would come back to try more.

Should I give up on giant xiao long bao or is there a better spot for them?

Shanghai You Garden, 135-33 40 Rd, Flushing, NY 718 886-2286

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