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Khao Soi in Midtown

You know or should know that I am obsessed and proud of Philly's food offerings. We have great Cambodian, Russian, Dominican, Chinese, West African, Polish, and superior Vietnamese- I could go on and on with my prideful boasts. But I can admit our shortcomings, and that is Thai food. We just don't have a great selection to chose from; I'm saying it out loud. So when visiting New York, I like to get my Thai fix. Since visiting Thailand last summer, I am always seeking out khao soi, a curry noodle soup from Northern Thailand which I have yet to find in any form in Philly.

Recently, I picked Topaz in Midtown because I saw Khao Soi on the menu. Its one of two small Thai sister restaurant, we ate at the one more west (Topaz Noodle Bar vs Topaz Thai Authentic). The huge bowl of khao soi came out quickly and did not disappoint. The broth was so darn flavorful, I hated that I had to share it with my group. The soup "set" comes with spring rolls and a salad for about $15. I really would have paid anything. Beef noodle soup was also full of flavor, though the deep fried chicken wings weren't crispy enough- we were hoping for a Pok Pok experience. We came up with the idea to spike our oversized Thai iced teas (#protip), making the meal even better.

If you know where to find khao soi in Philly- please tell me!

PS: sorry not sorry for posting NY food spots three times in a row! Philly food posts to come- especially if you help me find some khao soi!

Topaz Noodle Bar, 129 W 56th St, New York, NY, 917 444-7442

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