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Hell's Kitchen Haitian Fried Turkey and Conch Stew

Where there used to be many in the area, Le Soleil is the last Haitian restaurant on 10th Avenue and 57th. It would be apt to describe this small BYO as homey. Though there is a menu, ignore it, because there are only a few dishes cooked each night. You don't really get to choose here. I was happy to find out fried turkey was one of them, since I loved it when I tried it in Philadelphia years ago at a place that no longer exists. Similarly, these fried turkey pieces ($12) were crispy and moist and unlike any other turkey preparations. You probably wouldn't even guess it was turkey meat if you didn't know.

I also enjoyed the unique preparation of conch, instead of being made into fritters or chopped up raw into a spicy ceviche like I've had, Bahamanian style, this was in a really complex red stew (I noticed cloves in there). The pieces were soft, with a texture similar to a cross between scallop and squid ($20).

Meals come with huge platters of rice and beans. Don't forget the chopped, red picklese to spice up anything on your plate.

Le Soleil, 858 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019, 212 581-6059

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