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A Different "C" Word: Japanese Cart Curry comes to Washington Ave

When a friend mentioned she heard about a cart on 18th and Washington serving Japanese curry on the weekend, I had to get over there, even though it was a frigid night. Luckily, the Family Dollar serves as a waiting place while you wait the 10 minutes for your order. I dare you to not walk out of there without spending a few dollars on something really random you didn't need.

Banging Curry Franklin opened a month ago, for now, choosing a very random location to serve Grad Hospital on the Fridays and Saturdays. The menu offers just pork or chicken katsu over rice ($9.50) as well as fries. The plates are big and come with pickled veggies. The chicken and pork aren't so distinguishable- both are moist and quite fried well with a crispy panko breading that stands up to a few block walk to a suitable eating location. The thinner curry sauce wasn't totally packed with flavor but yet I didn't feel like it needed much more.

The furikake topping on the fries made them taste like the essence of sushi, totally addicting.

Call ahead to avoid a wait.

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