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Curry Thai Meatballs At Bistro SouthEast

Happy 2017! Post on where I've been coming soon... but for now, a brief meaty recap.

As a gradho resident, Bistro SouthEast, the Asian fusion (mostly, Thai, Viet, and seafood) is a semi regular stop for me.

Having written about the lemongrass pork belly banh mi, the dinner version of this protein over vermicelli and some veggies is great- but I do prefer the sandwich.

I am a sandwich person, no denying that. A new item to the menu - curry thai meatballs was a hit (though I still wish the bread here was fresher). Lots of flavor and juiciness. Six medium sized meatballs and pickled veggies come in this sandwich, it is really filling and has a touch of heat.

I was so happy to see BSE loaded with delivery orders on a Sunday night, this is one local spot we are lucky to have.

Bistro SouthEast, 1824 South Street, 267 758-2838

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