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A Persian Excursion to Caspian Grill in Lafayette Hill

(Handle that much rhyming) Post hike in the Wissahickon, I scoped out the nearby options for a snack and was excited when I learned Caspian Grill served Persian food. This isn't something we have much of in Philly. Caspian Grill is set up with a long table of prepared goods that can be microwaved if you'd like to eat right away.

Fesenjan, chicken with pomegranate sauce, had an enjoyable tart flavor but was a little dry.

Sweet rice pilaf didn't have the glossy coating of fat that I love when served at the Russian spots in the North East and a veggie samosa was unremarkable.

Spicy mushed potato and a snappy, fresh tabbouleh were the favorites of the day.

Though not all of what I tried were hits, I wouldn't totally discount Caspian Grill since there were dozens of interesting looking dishes I didn't get to try.

Any other suggestions for Persian food?

Caspian Grill, 539 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill, 610 834-766​

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