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Best Hot and Sour Soup in Philly?

Hot and sour soup, or H&S as an ex called it, can be a tragically corn starch induced bowl of glob. Or it can be the perfect thing on a cold day. You are probably sick of turkey leftovers at this point anyway.

I have had my eye on Shing Kee for some time. Located in one of the shopping plazas on Washington Ave, the long menu reads as authentic and exciting, we are talking frog, duck, eel, and congee. A businessman in a suit dined alone on a large bowl of wonton noodle soup, so that might be worth checking out. I will be back for a meal, probably with a crew to really hit that menu hard. But for now, it was time for a little H&S.

Hot and sour soup to go is probably not the prettiest good to photograph, but that's alright, you get it. Shing Kee's had the right kick with ample chili flakes and a bit of sesame oil, was full of different types of mushrooms and some tofu cubes- and there was zero glop. All you could really want from your hot and sour.

Where is your go to for H&S perfection? Ever dined at Shing Kee?

Shing Kee, 600 Washington Ave, 215 644-8954

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