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Old City Date Night: Amada + Grim Philly

With all the sadness and loss in this country, we can all use a night out, whether with a friend of romantic partner. How about a Old City night with dinner at Amada and a Grim Philly evening tour?

Jose Garces' Amada opened 10 years ago in Old City, doing tapas before everyone was doing tapas. I was invited to check out some of the classic plates as well as some brand new additions.

My favorite of the night were the parmesan artichokes. I freakin love artichokes and I also freakin love cheese. Other highlights:

A new menu item, the Lubina Negra, brought us a crispy piece of black bass, pickled carrot ribbons, pumpkin sauce, and wilted, not too bitter mustard greens ($21).

Lamb Tartare with romesco verde

Piquillos rellenos- peppers stuffed with crab meat ($13)

Instead of potato chunks, Amada's take on patatas bravas ($7) are perfectly shaped tubes of tuber with a spicy hat on.

Not pictured: the gambas al ajillo, which tasted like garlic shrimp you could get anywhere and the wagyu beef brochettes didn't have that punchy, beef taste.

Amada, 217 Chestnut St, 215 625-2450

Too full for dessert, we made a bee line to the Visitor's Center to meet our post dinner activity- a Grim Philly Tour - the Vampires, Sex, and Ghost Tour. Tour guides like to take tours too! For an hour and 45 minutes we followed our guide around Old City learning about death, disease, and brothels. My favorite facts: that thousands of bodies are buried in Washington Square Park and that several hundred years ago condoms were tied with a bow.

Grim Philly offers a series of tours and hosts tours every day of the year. Event Anthony Bourdain took a tour with Grim on "The Layover."

Grim Philly Tours, 599 Market St, 856-829-3100

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