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Nick's Roast Beef Knows How to Treat Fries

Nick's Roast Beef is the kind of place worth taking out of town folks to demonstrate just how cool Philly is. This South Philly dive bar has been open since 1938. I love that! Inside the narrow space is an equally streamlined menu: a few sandwiches and fries with Miller or Coors on draft to wash it down. Yuengling is available too but....

The namesake thinly sliced roast beef is a messy delight, served quickly by the bartender or a waitress if you make your way to the back. The "combo" comes with cheese for just under $8. Don't neglect the horseradish sauce.

Roast pork is another option, a decent sandwich but no where near as good as DiNic's or John's.

The thing that Nick's really does best is the gravy fries. Crispy and drowned in a dark,salty beef gravy with shredded beef on top, these are the best $4 fries in town.

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