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Blaze Pizza Opens With Free Pizza Tonight In University City

I am not mad about this create your own pizza with unlimited topic for under $10 trend going on in Philly right now. We have Snap ($8) and more recently &pizza ($9.50). Blaze opened yesterday by Drexel University offering pizza, a few salads (skip them), and agua frescas (do not skip). Like the others, Blaze has an assembly line set up and they also promise a 2 minute cook time. The casual space has two stories with plenty of tables.

I ordered the "red vine" pie with ovalini mozz, cherry tomatoes, with red sauce to which i added goat cheese, roasted garlic, and salami. To offer a full comparison to Snap: topping selection is similar but Snap offers truffle oil. Snaps pies are slightly larger and they offers great salads, but Blaze's crust is better. Blaze has a convenient cardboard top and bottom that separate for easy eating on the go. Tonight (Friday, Oct 21st) until midnight, you can get a FREE pizza, making your choice easier, at least for today.

Blaze Pizza, 3400 Lancaster Ave

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