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Restaurant Week and the Rule of 2: Bistrot La Minette

We have a few more days of Center City Restaurant Week upon us, y'all. My approach to RW is that I need to find a menu where at least two appetizers and two entrees tickle my fancy. Such was the case with Bistrot La Minette, a French bistro (obviously) that I last visited a few years ago for a birthday.

After started with gruyere and french bread we were ready for our 3 courses. An unlisted pork belly appetizer special lured me away from the snails I had planned on getting. Crispy and fork tender in all the right places, this was a highlight. As was the rich beef tartare appetizer with shaved truffles and egg yolk. Its hard to go wrong with tartare at a French restaurant.

Having enjoyed the rabbit a few years ago, I was disappointed to find it not as juicy and accompanied with gummy tagliatelle The duck confit with grilled plums was better.

For the dessert course, both the mousse terrine and the Mille Feuille with the best raspberries I've had all season hit the spot.

Wine is often where the value of RW starts to crumble, but La Minette's $23 house carafes are there to save the day.

Browsing the menus, Opa's stood out as having solid options. Were you impressed by RW this season?

Bistrot La Minette, 623 S 6th St, 215 925-8000

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