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Hidden Indonesian Soups at Sky Cafe

In October of 2015, we got some sad food news when Indonesian restaurant, Sky Cafe, shut down due to a fire at their location on Snyder Avenue. This year, many loyal fans like myself were happy to find out Sky Cafe reopened inside the shopping plaza at 11th and Washington. The new, hidden location is just as small as the original and can be accessed through the doors to the plaza by Pho 75 as you make a right into the parking lot.

Fried chicken wontons ($3.50) are 80% percent super crispy wonton and 20% ground chicken filling, but 100% satisfying.

It was the Soto Medan ($7.50) I had been craving from my meals at the original location. This light chicken soup has a touch of coconut milk and turmeric, vegetables, chicken, and a single perkadel (fried potato patty). However...

... the Kari Bihun is the soup I will order going forward. Despite the description: rice noodle with curry sauce, this is definitely a soup. This rich curry comes with potatoes, fried tofu, egg, fish balls, and something slithery that I think is tofu skin that soaked up the broth really well.

To enjoy the next day I ordered my other stand by- Mie Komplit ($7)- that comes with shredded chicken, mushroom, bbq pork on top of springy homemade egg noodles, plus a marinated egg, greens, 2 wontons, squishy meat balls I always avoid, and a separate container of slightly bland chicken broth soup. It's the everything but the kitchen sink of noodle dishes; I particularly like the savory chicken and mushroom combo.

Most dishes are $7 or $8 dollars and are pretty filling. The menu is actually fairly lengthy and can be a bit overwhelming, my advice is to use the photos in the menu as a guide, but you really can't go wrong at Sky Cafe.

Sky Cafe, 1122-38 Washington Ave, Unit # B, 215 271-1983

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