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5 Pizza Pies Around Philly #bikinibod

It was only scrolling through the 8,000 photos of on my phone (is that a lot? 80% is of food) that I realized I have had way too much pizza this month considering it's still sort of bikini weather (I refuse to wear pants until late fall). Oh well. Philly has really made huge strides in the pizza world over the past few years and the world is noticing.

In order of least to most impressed, here are 5 pizza spots I've visited lately.

Clarksville, 42rd and Baltimore, 215 387 4992

Despite intriguing descriptions, none of our several pies or appetizers impressed. The fried chicken appetizer and mushroom white pie had more going for them than the bland house made mozz with rhubarb and the "danger" (garlic tomato sauce) pie which lacked salt and pork pie (guanciale sauce, pickled peppadews) which was too sweet and didn't have much of a meat flavor.

Snap Custom Pizza, 1504 Sansom St, 215 568-5000 (BYOB)

While Snap's crusts are just ok, the unlimited toppings for $8 and central location make it a regular stop for me- sometimes, I even get salads! An array of cheeses (fresh and shredded mozz at the minimum), truffle oil, artichokes, pepperoni, and toffee sunflower seeds are staples every time.

Birra, 1700 E Passyunk Ave, 267 324 3127

At Birra on E Passyunk, the spinach artichoke was heavy and could have used a little more salt, but we really enjoyed the The Little Pigs (roasted porchetta,spicy gabagool, house cured pancetta, $18).

Square Pie, 801 East Passyunk Ave, 215 238 0615 (BYOB)

Further north on Passyunk, Square Pie is not to be underestimated. With the its concise menu of a few appetizers, pizza, and pasta, the kitchen is in control and puts out quality food. The appetizers special on my visit were both stellar- fried artichokes in an almond tomato sauce and pepperoni croquettes. The thick pies are consistently excellent and dangerously filling. The pizzas are clunkier and more rustic than the delicate appetizers, but only in a desirable way. Pictured is the smaller size of the pancetta and leek pizza ($14) and I would order it again in a heartbeat.

Pizzeria Beddia, 115 E Girard Ave (BYOB)

You probably know that Philly's own Pizzeria Beddia was called the best pizza by Bon Appetit magazine in the summer of 2015. And you might know the drill, there might be a line, the pizza does run out, and you will absolutely have to wait. Our wait on a less busy day was 2 hours. Make the most of it like I did, and do happy hour at Kensington Quarters while you wait. Then grab some beers at the bottle shop next door when you head back for your pie.

And the pizza is beautiful, as you eat it even makes sounds you didn't think pizza could make. I went classic with pepperoni added. You are not going to ask for red pepper flakes here; all the tastes of a pizza are there but more fierce.

Where are your favorites spots for pizza?

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