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All the cool kids are doing it, Date Night at Mission Taqueria

If your friend crew is active in the dating scene, maybe you have noticed this too- since opening only a few weeks ago, Mission Taqueria, has become THE PLACE for meeting dates. In fact, I have a taco obsessed gal pal who checked out Mission Taqueria with me its opening week and has since been back three times on dates. (You go, girl!)

And it makes sense, while the food isn't perfect, the ambiance is fun and welcoming, the drinks are delicious, the staff is funny, and the dishes are easily sharable.

Great guac (it better be at $12) and the crunchy chicharons are fun to munch on. Coctele de mariscos had fresh shrimp, squid, and clam but could have been punchier.

Skirt steak tacos were just a little too chewy for me.

Hot churros, with 2 sauces- mexican chocolate and peach, are so doughy in the middle, they might be the softest in town.

On the cocktail side, the green juice margarita and the frozen watermelon margarita are perfect for summer.

I'll see you there soon? Don't forget to shave your legs.

1516 Sansom St., 215 383-1200

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