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Steak Sandwich ​fired up on the Rio Brazil Truck

You can find the Rio Brazil truck in University City. And if you do find yourself at the Rio Brazil truck, you better be in the mood for meat. Eating lunch here is a less painful way to get your Fogo de Chao craving. Instead of stuffing your face and salt overdosing for $37, grab a $10 Brazilian style steak sandwich.

Once you order from the limited menu, the steak or chicken finishes cooking over the fire on the truck. The ample portion of meat is impressive. Heaps of steak were served on a long roll with tomato and pineapple. It is intended to be simple, showcasing the charred steak along with a touch of sweetness.

Here is an embarrassing true story about this sandwich: I was horsing around with my friends with a face full of meat and I fell on the sidewalk. I learned a hard lesson that day, no horseplay while eating a giant steak sandwich.

34th and Market, 267-879-5642

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