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Fried palm tree flowers from El Parrillada

The photos on the facade of La Parrillada Restaurante gave some indication of the delicacies inside, though it wasn't until we looked at the menu that we realized it was a Guatemalan restaurant.

Sampling the Guatemalan appetizers we tried a pupusa revuelta, a fried taco, and something I have never heard of- the "pacayas forradas."

The pupusa was fine, fairly standard, perhaps more bean heavy than I like. The fried taco, filled with steak and chorizo, was excellent. I think I am just going to come out and say that tacos are better when fried.

Subsequent research taught me that pacayas are date palms and a Guatemalan food stable. This preparation had them battered and served with tomato sauce. The slightly bitter taste and interesting texture had me peel back the batter to get a glimpse of what exactly I was eating.

I made this picture smaller, because pacayas are not photogenic. They look like duck toes. Regardless- I liked them a lot and it was fun to try a completely new plant. Would you try it?

5002 N 5th Street, 267 323-2233

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