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How Uzebeks do Meat and Potatoes

A trip to North East Philly for Russian/Uzbeki food is one of my favorite Sunday afternoon activities. Recently, I checked out Oasis for the first time. I can't say its the most inviting restaurant. The windows are all blacked out and upon entering, you will find two more doors to choose from. Don't pick the wrong door, one leads to the dining room and one leads to another dimension where humans aren't top of the food chain, or maybe a coat closet, I forget which. Once seated though, our waitress was really friendly and attentive; likely enhanced by the fact that we were the only people inside since we were eating at an odd hour.

The broth in the veggie, dill, meat, and noodle filled lagman ($6) was impressively layered. We didn't even mind that the soup is way better suited for winter time.

Pillowy potato variniki covered in crispy onions also fall in to that category.

The most interesting dish of the day were the stuffed Armenian lavash ($13). Half of these crispy roll ups were filled with a delicious ground meat mixture and the other half were overflowing with melty cheese.

This region's style of lamb fat coated pilaf rarely disappoints.

I told you we ate a lot of meat and potatoes! Deep fried potatoes came with enough garlic to stink you up real good and our charred pork and lamb rib skewers were satisfying to gnaw on. Did you know that meat kebabs originated from warriors cooking their meat quickly on their swords over a fire? Do as the warriors did and march up to Oasis.

Pro tip: they do offer khachapuri (Georgian calzones) but call ahead for it

842 Red Lion Rd, 215 464-0106

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