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Beautifully Bitter Sizzles and S'more Cake Jars at A La Mousse

A La Mousse, run by the folks from Sakura Mandarin and located next to it in Chinatown, specializes in awesome and cute desserts. I love the inclusion of matcha in dessert and A La Mousse gets it.

Like this sizzling brownie with matcha ice cream and matcha syrup. It actually does come out sizzling with a tableside pour of the sauce for added drama. The matcha is a bitter addition to the already dark chocolate brownie, which works for my taste, but might not be for everyone. You could also go with another flavor, like raspberry.

A mini harvest is an oreo topped parfait that looks like a potted plant. But my absolute favorite is the smore cake jar. The marshmellow cream layer is perfection, not too sweet, and there is a layer of cake at the bottom for a textural contrast.

A La Mousse also has an extensive drink menu with tea, shakes, and of course lots of matcha.

45 N 11th St, 215 238-9100

145 N 11th St, 215238-9100​

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