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South Philly Street Corner BBQ

When biking around Philly, I try to pay attention to cars, other cyclist, trolley tracks trying to ruin me, and other potential dangers. But I always keep my eyes and nose out for food adventures. Such was the case while biking down 15th Street in South Philly. The BBQ smell hit me first, and then I saw the smoke and outdoor grills.

Sprewell's BBQ sets up shop outside Scotty's Bar on Mondays and Tuesdays until about 6pm. Michael does pork and beef ribs, sides, and other BBQ meats like cornish hens.

I ordered the pork ribs (I think they were about $14) and side of basic mac and cheese ($2). When asked about what BBQ sauce style he uses, he told me it was his own special blend. Definitely vinegar based, I really loved the tangy sauce. I liked that the ribs were meaty, though they did not possess the falling of the bone quality; they had some chew to them. Meats come with bread, and you can go with Micheal's favorite- challah bread.

15th and Elsworth, 215 285 3107


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