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Piergoie Sandwiches in Roxborough

Usually I have to go all the way to Port Richmond for pierogies, which is why The Pierogie Kitchen in Roxborough had been on my list for a while as a closer alternative. Though I missed the Polish granny vibes you'd get in Port Richmond, it's a cute shop. It is really set up for take out purposes , which we didn't know going in. Far enough from home and too hungry to wait, we ate at the sole customer table anyway.

The idea of a pierogie inside a sandwich was too decadent to pass up. Also, the Original Stacker sandwich comes with all the things you might want from a basic Polish meal, potato and cheddar pierogies, mustard, and sauerkraut. For $7.50 this is a really filling sandwich with a fully stuffed pierogie on each sandwich half and an ample amount of flavorful smoked kielbasa. This sandwich packs in a real buttload of kraut, almost too much for me and I love the stuff. It's easy enough to scrape it to the side if need be. Does a pierogie need to be in a sandwich? I wouldn't give that a definite yes, all of the ingredients could have been enjoyed separately but this was a cost efficient way to get a bit of everything. Plus, if you value a more vertical meal, with a bit of everything in each bite, this is for you.

Even with the small menu, there were a lot of items I wish I had room to try (Mushroom Potato Horseradish pierogie, borsht), so I'll have to come back. But I couldn't pass up on the Chocolate Ganache Pierogies. Though I wish the dough was a little sweeter to match, the hot, oozy chocolate was decedent. It even worked cold when I got hungry again a few hours later.

648 Roxborough Ave, 215 483-5301

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