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Cover Me in Shack Shake's New Cheddar Sauce

I can admit it, I craved a real American cheeseburger when I got back from my SE Asia trip. We can chat at length about the nuances of Northern vs. Southern style Thai food, but at the end of the day, eating a similar style of any food for one month is a long time!

Just in time, Shake Shack invited me to try their new Bacon CheddarShack and Blueberry Pie shake. And, I also FINALLY got to try their fried chicken sandwich that debuted earlier this year. It doesn't get more AmericaEffYa than that.

Dessert first, why not if its going to melt? The new blueberry pie concrete OR shake flavor is made from super fancy blueberry pie made in Brooklyn. It tastes like the real deal with the extra hot weather benefit of being already mixed with frozen vanilla custard.

I greatly enjoyed the butter milk brined fried chicken sandwich and the buttermilk mayo, pickles, and real lettuce tucked beneath it. Its a juicy and flavorful chicken that isn't too cumbersome to be inside a soft bun.

The BaconCheddar Shack ($6.89 for a single patty) delivered the beefy flavor I was seeking, but it was the cheddar sauce that had me udderly impressed. I want to put this on everything. Luckily I had fries to dip in the extra sauce I requested. Shake Shack is all about the secret, off menu orders, make sure to get the cheddar sauce on your fries next time.

I've been told both special item will be offered at least until the fall. I hope the cheddar sauce is here to stay.

Shake Shack, 2000 Sansom St, 215 809-1742

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