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Goose Island Sofie Brunch at Do Right Farm in North Philly

This Sunday I got to take my parents for an amazing brunch at an urban farm in North Philly. As last top of #migrationweek in Philly, Goose Island coordinated the perfect morning at Life Do Grow Farm. The brewery brought plenty of their Sofie saison to mix with OJ for Sofie-mosas plus some samples of a few aged beers. We toured the farm and learned how Urban Creators revitalized an abandoned lot into a charming farm, event space, and site for youth programming in North Philly. They have monthly Farmer’s Markets every First Friday from April-November 5:00-8:00pm.

Bang Bang Pie Shop from Chicago used produce grown on the farm to create a delicious brunch; warm biscuits with candied bacon, creamy grits with sweet corn and farm herbs, a yogurt parfait, and both pecan and key lime pie. We got to enjoy this in perfect weather while musicians performed on the painted Life Do Grow stage. It was as magical as it sounds.

Life Do Grow Farm happens to not be too far from Greensgrow Farm. You can definitely take a Friday afternoon to make a North Philly urban farm trip.

And if you can't survive on veggies alone ( I love them but I can't) while you are up there, you can do what we did and grab some pho ga at Cafe Pho Ga Thanh Thanh.


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